Our wireless battery free sensors allow for condition monitoring in almost any device and circumstance, thus providing endless opportunities which are unthinkable with conventional sensors.

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These are some of the questions our sensors can help you with:

How can I increase my control over key assets and manage them more cost effectively?
Is there any solution that allows me to implement monitoring devices in my current infrastructure without undertaking civil engineering?
Can I provide my customers with lower maintenance costs associated to my products by getting rid of part of the wiring?
I can’t use batteries in my product. Are there any sensor solutions I can use?
How can I embed low cost, low maintenance sensors in my manufacturing process?
Once installed, maintenance on my monitoring devices is really expensive. How can I minimize it?

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Kathrein readers included in the AnyReader approved reader list

Farsens is pleased to announce that RFID readers from Kathrein have been included in the AnyReader SW approved reader list. Customers using Kathrein RFID readers can now test with battery-free RFID sensors without having to [...]

Farsens redesigns IoT sensing Web site

Farsens is pleased to announce the launch of its fully-featured website www.farsens.com. The new site has extensive content including both technical and application documents allowing customers to access detailed product information and videos with the [...]

Daniel Pardo, listed in the Spanish edition of ‘Top Ten Innovators under 35’ by the MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review, the oldest technological publication, in its spanish edition, has announced this week the fifth generation of ‘Top Ten Innovators under 35’ and we are glad to announce that our Managing Director, Daniel [...]

Farsens RFID sensors being used to ‘Internet of Things’-ify the outdoors

Researchers from MIT, Harvard, University of Washington and Duke University work together to develop solutions with battery-free sensors to be used as a source of data for Internet of Things. The solutions includes Farsens's battery-free [...]

Farsens at the International Logistics Equipment & Information Exhibition (China)

Our partner Tianjin Feiyue Brother Monitoring http://www.rtutech.com/  presented the Farsens products in LET 2015 - The 6th International Logistics Equipment & Information Exhibition. This exhibition took place in Guangzhou, China from 16th to 18th June. LET 2015 [...]

Technology for monitoring tire pressure without cables or batteries

The GT project by Farsens aims to develop an advanced wireless solution to meet future requirements of the automobile market. Farsens, a CEIT-IK4 spin-off, has developed a wireless and batteryless solution for tire-pressure monitoring in [...]