Use wireless, battery-free RFID relays to switch on and off electrical and electronic circuits.

Today I´m one of the happiest sales engineers. I got a new toy from my Farsens lab friends, a new demo to use in my visits to customers: I´m switching on and off a bulb from my computer which is controlling OMRON´s G6CU-2114P-US bistable relay incorporated to our EPC C1G2 RFID tag ‘TITAN‘.

We can not only provide more visibility to the world with our battery-free wireless sensors, we can also act to change our universe using only the energy that we harvest from  RFID field, in this case from such a small reader as the Stix from my friends of NORDIC ID.

Finally for this post:

My colleagues have listed already many advantages of wireless battery free sensors and we could continue for long. I want to state mine: less things and lower weight to carry while travelling, actually, preparing a demo for a customer is as simple as this below picture:

Wireless, battery-free RFID relays control light bulbs

Wireless, battery-free relay controlling a light bulb