Using battery-free UHF RFID LED tags for pick to light applications saves wire installation and maintenance costs while maintaining pick to light solution advantages.

In previous posts we talked about the feasibility of using UHF RFID LED tags for pick to light applications.

RFID helps automate your inventories making it easier, faster and error free to update your inventories with reliable data. Adding an LED to each tag helps users visually locate the desired item so the picking process is faster and more efficient.

The video below shows how a very small inventory of 8 cases, all the same size and color, have different items in them. For a staff member it is very difficult to visually differentiate the multiple types of connectors those cases hold.

All cases are tagged with a Stella battery-free RFID LED tag. Armed with a Merlin Cross Dipole handheld from Nordic ID, the user can select the item he wants to pick and the RFID tag fixed to the case holding those items will flash its LED. The user now has a visual indicator for a good pick, fast and without errors.

You probably would not need this for an inventory hold in just eight small cases but what about extending this into a several hundred square meter warehouse?

Be it in retail – picking a right size of shoe model and size – or at an industrial level – selecting the right products to ship or enter into a process – UHF RFID LED tags can greatly help reduce picking process time and automate the supply chain.