The RFID Journal LIVE! is one of the reference shows for RFID – if not the most important one. The 2014 show was held last week in Orlando, Florida and Although I had attended the event many times as a visitor, this was the first year I have been able to be there as an exhibitor.

It was the very first event Farsens was exhibiting at and the experience was fantastic – right from the beginning (see the picture below after setting up our booth) till the end of the show.

Farsens booth at RFID Journal LIVE 2014

Daniel Pardo, General Manager, at Farsens’s booth at RFID Journal LIVE 2014

During the show we had a new opportunity to confirm that RFID as a technology is now mature. In one side you had the solid and reliable solutions displayed in booths when talking about HF and UHF labels and rugged tags. Tags for metal and liquids are already as reliable as those targeted for other materials and their read ranges have been optimized.

The innovations are coming more in the line of preparing the tags for harsh environments (high temperature, demanding materials, pressure, etc.), enhancing reader behavior, be it in fixed or handheld readers or by providing RFID connectivity to mobile phones or embedding sensors in tags (be it in active, BAP or full passive solutions).

In this sense, Farsens was honored to be selected as one of the finalists for the ‘Best in Show’ award of this year for its Pyros products. Battery-free sensor tags are catching the attention of multiple industries as we have been able to ascertain at our booth during this last week.

RFID Journal LIVE 2014 Awards Finalists

RFID Journal LIVE 2014 Awards Finalists

In summary, the RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 show has been a great opportunity to catch up with industry peers, existing contacts and new colleagues. Since this was the first time as an exhibitor for Farsens I can’t tell if the volume of visitors was high or low but you can be sure this event is the place to go if you are looking for people with actual need for RFID solutions, not just checking the technology.

I’ll also take the opportunity to say thanks to the RFID Journal team for making it possible. Their great work is providing an easy and fun way to for us to meet and discuss with all this people at the show. Thank you!