After the development of a battery-free soil moisture sensor tag, the new HygroFenix completes the humidity sensor range with relative humidity monitoring capabilities.

Following our previous post on battery-free sensors for DCIM applications (Data Center Infrastructure Management), we want to present the new Hygro-Fenix tag.

After many posts discussing about the possibility of using analog sensors of your choice with our R-Meter tag, we are back to digital sensors connected directly to the ANDY100 RFID IC.

HygroFenix humidity and temperature sensor

HygroFenix relative humidity and temperature sensor

The HygroFenix features a HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensor from ST Microelectronics. The whole tag is thought to perform wireless and battery-free communicating both humidity and temperature data of rooms or assets. These tags can be read with commercial EPC C1G2 UHF RFID readers by using non-proprietary commands.

As explained in the DCIM application, upgrading existing RFID infrastructure (basically, RFID readers) is easy with RFID sensor tags. In addition to tracking servers and other key assets in the data center, implementing RFID tags with relative humidity and temperature sensors provide a whole new set of data to develop new, value added services – such as managing asset life-cycle based on objective environmental data specific to each asset.

This new product completes the humidity monitoring range of products: HygroFenix covers the relative humidity monitoring applications while the Hydro is thought to be used in soil moisture applications.

Specifications of the sensor tag

The HTS221 sensor monitors relative humidity from 0% rH to 100% rH with an accuracy of +-6% rH. The accuracy improves to +-4.5% rH in the reduced 20% rH to 80% rH precision range.

On top of it, the HTS221 includes a temperature sensor with an accuracy of +-0.5ºC in the +15ºC to +40ºC degrees. This helps developing new solutions based on environmental monitoring data.

Unleash your RFID system potential by implementing RFID sensor tags along with ID tags for new value added solutions to manage your asset and processes.