Trade shows are always the place to check for industry innovations. Check different demos of applications where battery-free RFID sensor tags take the leading part.

I’ve previously posted about multiple applications and potential uses of battery-free wireless RFID sensor tags. We’ve also shown pictures and videos of the technical solution. However, there’s always a need for use cases.

Farsens will exhibit at the Electronica 2014 and Euro ID 2014 events in November. Electronica is an international reference event in the electronic component industry while Euro ID is also a reference in auto ID solutions.

Sensor tag solutions for specific applications

RFID Sensor tags in different applications

RFID Sensor tags in different applications

During these events Farsens will showcase different demos focused on applications visitors will be able to see:

  • TPMS solution with battery-free pressure and temperature sensors. Discussed in this previous post, no need for batteries inside the tire thus reducing weight (less issues with vibrations at high speed), on top of the costs related to buying and disposing the batteries. Farsens will exhibit a car wheel with a passive pressure and temperature sensor embedded inside a tire.
  • Pick-to-Light solution based on battery-free RFID LED tags. I wrote about this application in this post. It helps operators find and pick correctly the products to the shipped by visually aiding with the identification. Watch our sales team demo this solution by searching for specific items among a set of cases with different items on them.
  • Smart Pallet solution based on battery-free load cells. Electronica 2014 will be a premiere for this solution. Farsens battery-free weighting solution is implemented on a pallet to monitor its weight from an RFID reader. It helps manufacturers and logistics providers keep track of the weight of each pallet – with an associated unique identification number to automate all the process.

Visit us at the shows

There are more and more applications with battery-free RFID sensor tags coming. We’ll keep sharing information with you and we also invite you to join us at the coming shows to discuss further:

  • ELECTRONICA 2014 will be held in Munich during November 11-14. Visit us at Hall B1, booth 120.
  • EURO ID will be held in Frankfurt during November 18-20. Visit us at booth A21.

We hope to see you all there!