Watch a video of a wireless and battery-free TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) with pressure and temperature sensors inside a tire.

We briefly introduced the topic of TPMS in a previous post. Getting the pressure and temperature data of each of the tires of your car in your display is currently managed via wireless sensors.

These sensors need a battery to work. This means a specific battery-life, the need to take care of the battery disposal and potential issues inside the tire at high speeds – the heavier the sensor, the higher the potential of undesired vibrations in the tire.

Mission accomplished: first demo available

We saw a technical opportunity in this field as a wireless and battery-free sensor may be a good alternative. Introducing a battery-free sensor would directly address all the issues mentioned above.

For this reason, Farsens created a demo. The idea was to check the technical feasibility of the solution. The demo below shows a Merlin Cross Dipole handheld UHF RFID reader from Nordic retrieving sensor information from inside the tire.

The SW program shows a typical TPMS display in which 3 of the 4 wheels are kept static. The tire that’s monitored is supposedly the upper left tire, which you will see changing in the SW program.

Showcasing the TPMS system at Electronica 2014

Farsens will be presenting the TPMS demo in the upcoming Electronica 2014 trade show – Hall B1, Stand 120. PREMO GROUP is Farsens’s partner for the automotive industry so the demo can also be seen at PREMO GROUP’s booth – Hall B6, Stand 318.

Battery-free TPMS sensor system

Battery-free TPMS sensor system

Along with the TPMS demo, we will also showcase the wireless and battery-free pick-to-light solution and the wireless and battery-free weighting pallet solution.

See you there!