Electronica trade show continues to have a big focus on the automotive industry and the Euro ID is losing steam.

The last couple of weeks was show time for Farsens. We were exhibiting at the Electronica 2014 the Euro ID 2014 trade shows. Overall, both of them were a great opportunity for Farsens to increase brand and technology awareness.

Farsens booth at Electronica and EuroID

Farsens booth at Electronica and EuroID

Electronica 2014

Electronica 2014 was a massive four day trade fair with over 3,000 exhibitors and almost 75,000 visitors. It is the place to be for electronic components, be it manufacturers, distributors or solution providers.

Unluckily, there was no great innovation to be seen anywhere. It is obviously a personal opinion and as a single person I was not able to pay attention to each and all of the stands. Colleagues at Farsens and other industry peers had the same feeling though.

That being said, it is the fair to find industry solutions for everything. On the sensor side – which is where we focus – a complete hall was dedicated to sensors and the IoT. Even being exhibitors, we were able to find new sensor providers for existing products such as temperature or pressure with better performances and lower prices.

This is a trade show I strongly recommend every electronic manufacturer and system integrator to attend, at least as visitors. A must to be up to date in this industry.


EuroID is a much smaller show with a focus on RFID. Apart from the typical ambient temperature sensor embedded in the RFID IC, sensors are nowhere to be seen in this fair. The only exception was Microsensys, a long time provider of mainly HF RFID sensor tags and Farsens ourselves for UHF RFID sensor tags.

In the RFID industry, it is the European trade show to be in though. Even it’s small, there’s where the major players in the industry gather. End users are not that common but reader and tag providers get together with systems integrators, thus creating good business opportunities for everyone.

On the bad side, the feeling is that visitor attendance has decreased a lot in 2014 in comparison to the 2013 edition. While there could be place to think the industry is losing interest in RFID I’m more inclined to think that the current economic situation is the reason for the low attendance.

While there may be lots of end user companies interested in RFID, this show is a better fit for system integrators with the current design. If you add up that most products displayed in the trade fair are not really innovative but optimizations of existing solutions, as an integrator in the current economic situation you may decide you’re better off searching for solutions in the Internet and meeting your RFID providers.

EuroID organizers need to analyze the results of the 2014 event and create a new environment for the EuroID to continue to be the leading RFID event in Europe.