Join the innovation in the RFID and sensor industries. Develop your own solutions or share your ideas to bring new concepts to the RFID Journal LIVE!, Sensor+Test and Sensors Expo trade shows.

These are innovation times for Farsens. Even if we continuously work in new products and developments, April, May and June are intense months in terms of RFID and sensing market.

Join the innovation

Join the innovation

RFID and sensing trade shows

The RFID biggest trade show will take place in San Diego, CA, this year. RFID Journal LIVE! 2015 will be held in April and will showcase the latest innovations in terms of RFID technology. This year will also include a specific are of the Internet of Things, along with a co-located conference about the IoT.

Sensor+Test (May, Nuremberg) and Sensors Expo (June, Long Beach) will in turn drive attention to sensing technology as two of the biggest trade fairs for the sensor industry. Again, special areas will be dedicated to the IoT topic.

Innovation with creative solutions

Farsens will exhibit in the three of them, making this time of the year a busy one in terms of creativity and product development. You want to have new products ready for these events and definitely wireless and battery-free sensors have their interest in the RFID industry, in the sensor industry and… in the IoT too!

On top of standard battery-free RFID sensor products such as the Stella LED, the Pyros thermistor, Hygro-Fenix humidity sensor or the Titan relay, we will bring demos you can play with to our booths.

However, we would like to encourage our readers to be bold and take part in the innovation in this field. Either with your own components or by using parts such as our Medusa, RMeter, VMeter or even the ANDY100 chip, you can develop your own solutions based on wireless and battery-free sensor tags. We will love to see your new ideas in any of these trade shows.

For those of you who will not develop the solutions but think you have good ideas to share in this industry, we will love to hear them. We may even choose the best/funniest ones, develop a mock-up and quote the owners of the ideas for that 😉

It is innovation time for this industry; it is creativity time for industry peers. Step forward and make sure you take your part on it.