TPMS for mining trucks may not be a high volume application compared to others but it helps companies reduce costs and increase asset lifecycle and reduces the waste of tire material.

By nature, mining processes create a lot of waste and have a very negative impact on the environment. Even most of the world’s nations have adopt regulations, this environmental impact is still huge.

Impact of tires

Among the most impressive ones are tire cemeteries. Mines use heavy duty trucks to transport goods and waste in and out the mine. These trucks operate under extreme environmental conditions and their tires suffer both from high pressures and extreme temperatures – both in the lower and upper side.

The picture below is what you can find as a waste of tires in mining activities:

TPMS for mining truck can help reduce tire cemeteries

TPMS for mining truck can help reduce tire cemeteries

Some tire manufacturers are implementing materials for an easier recycling of tires after use but most are still working with chemicals with environmental impact of over 20 years.

This is not just an environmental issue, which should be enough to seek for a solution. Fortunately, it is also a cost issue for the mining industry.

TPMS for mining trucks: increase asset lifecycle and reduce waste

Heavy duty truck tires are expensive and maximizing their life time is a concern for companies. Quality tires that increase mileage and recycling are becoming an interesting approach but the short term investment still hold the companies back and they may buy cheaper, chemical based tires.

TPMS for mining to increase tire life cycles

TPMS for mining to increase tire life cycles

On top of that, mining companies are looking at monitoring tires and their performance over their life cycle. The main target is to monitor tire pressure as an incorrect pressure level heavily reduces a tire’s life and increases fuel consumption. Being able to monitor tire pressure allows managers to reduce maintenance and increase asset life cycles.

Another important parameter to monitor is temperature of the tire. Mines are many times located in harsh environments with very low or very high temperatures. Temperature being higher than a threshold guarantees a life cycle reduction of over a 50% – tires actually melt in some environments due to temperature and pressure effects. Being able to monitor temperature of the tire material allows managers to take decisions based on the temperature of the tire.

Wireless and battery-free temperature and pressure sensors can be employed to monitor heavy duty trucks. Tags are basically stuck to the tire with no batteries on them and their sensors can be queried from handheld readers in maintenance tasks or even in real time with on board readers depending on the application.

It is nice knowing you’re not just helping companies grow but also contributing to reduce waste and the environmental impact of our activities.

Stay tuned for more information on the actual development of the solutions!