A personal opinion on the sensor industry from Farsens’s staff attending the SensorTest 2015 trade show held in Nuremberg last week.

SensorTest 2015 was held last week in Nuremberg, Germany. As Farsens’s followers already know, we are interested in this trade show as exhibitors of our wireless and battery-free sensor technology as well as visitors looking for sensing transducers.

Farsens booth at SensorTest 2015

Farsens booth at SensorTest 2015

I would like to clearly state that there were two different halls: one about sensors and the other one about testing equipment. We will leave aside the testing equipment in this post and limit our comments to the sensor trends.

Gas Sensors Gaining Visibility

We have already been exhibiting for two years at the SensorTest 2015 and attended for some other 7 years now. We really noticed more exposure of gas sensors during the 2015 event. While the typical gas sensors are still marketed with enhanced specifications, there are many news around air quality sensing – apparently gaining traction.

From our side, we are glad to see electrochemical sensors – Wikipedia to monitor O2, NOX, H202 or other gases since these sensors do not consume energy. These change their voltage or current outputs depending on the specific gas concentration in the air.

This makes it easy for our VMeter to make these gas sensors wireless and battery-free for those applications that request these features.

Energy Harvesting continues to be a hot topic

Being a trade show heavily influenced by and oriented to the industrial sector, the Sensor+Test 2015 is not known for products under research but proven solutions. However, energy harvesting solutions were very present in the show. Along with Farsens’s RF energy harvesting approach, there were exhibitors promoting solutions with piezo-electric, SAW and other technologies.

It is worth noting that most of this energy harvesting is directed to the autonomous sensing topic inside the Internet of Things and M2M ecosystem so they also include some form of wireless communication.

Of course there are all sorts of booths displaying force, torque, displacement, temperature, pressure, humidity or any kind of sensor you can think about.

The SensorTest 2015 definitely continues to be a trade show worth visiting if you are in the sensing industry or looking for sensor solutions.