RFID sensor system software integration with other company systems takes not much more than a standard RFID system integration. Unique EPC numbers are the field to manage correctly.

One of your big questions if you are interested in battery-free sensors based in RFID technology is ‘How do I integrate this with my current ERP?’ The fact that you control sensors, actuators and other kind of components makes you suspect the software integration may be quite complex.

Well, this is the good news for you: battery-free sensors integration is fairly similar to a standard RFID implementation from the software integration point of view. Even though the RFID system software may be quite different, the differences sit at the reader control level.

The reader software will be the one with commands to power up sensors, initialize them when needed, request sensor data, etc. These will be generally run by a specific RFID software for the targeted application.

The software integration will only be between this RFID software and your ERP system. The control of your ERP over the RFID software will be based exclusively on the unique IDs of the sensor tags. If the system is correctly set up, the ERP system will request sensor data from a specific RFID tag and the RFID software program will deal with this request.

RFID software integration

Software integration between RFID systems and enterprise systems can bring great advantages

The information back from the RFID software to the ERP is easy to communicate as these will be well-known strings of words depending on the sensors read.

In summary, your ERP will have high level commands such as select unique ID and trigger events such as read sensor or actuate over the component. It is the RFID software which will process the commands and proceed with the actual request, making it transparent for the ERP if the tag is a temperature sensor, a strain gage or a relay in terms of commands to integrate.

Using EPC and TID numbers wisely can help reduce system complexity by allowing to categorize sensor types – and thus the commands to be issued to them, as well as to standardize expected data strings back.

Don’t get me wrong: software integration will be a hard task for some applications and enterprise systems. You just need to know that including sensors in RFID systems won’t make the integration much harder.