So you’re interested in battery-free RFID sensors tags… Why is it so difficult to find a RFID software solution you can easily test on your own?

We have previously discussed that RFID sensor tags need to be specifically addressed and you will probably need to develop your own software based on the APIs that the reader manufacturers give you.

However, it would be easier if the manufacturer already embedded the commands for reading RFID sensors tags, wouldn’t it?

RFID software for sensors

AnyReader free RFID software for sensor tags

The EPC C1G2 does not include sensors

Before rushing to blame reader manufacturers it is important to understand that RFID technology was developed to provide identification. The EPC C1G2 standard does not include a specific section for battery-free sensor tags. These kind of tags where not available some years ago so no standard has been developed yet.

Reader manufacturers need to develop their software so that the readers are compliant with the current standard. That’s a must.

Reader manufacturers seeing potential in sensor tags

That being said, reader manufacturers are getting interested in the potential of RFID sensor tags. Note that new applications for RFID means more readers to be sold so no wonder they are interested.

In our experience, some reader manufacturers have even made minor firmware changes so that the APIs you can use help you optimize the software for RFID sensor tags.

You don’t want the ‘easy way’ for the long term

We have even seen some reader manufacturers provide us with specific commands such as ‘read temperature sensor’. While this is great – because it helps during your first steps to make it easy – I will always recommend you have access to the lowest programing commands you can.

Having a high level command such as ‘read temperature sensor’ is easy to use but impossible to optimize. You will always be better off with the set of low level commands they use to create that high level command in the long run as you will be able to create your own software.

We as RFID sensor tag manufacturers have developed a free testing software so that it is easy for users to test the technology. Again, the software is limited in many ways as real life applications require diverse options and business logic.

The idea is for you to be able to test the technology as easily as possible. After that, when dealing with the solution development, we will always recommend developing a customized software that meets your unique needs.

For more information about read range in RFID systems download the ‘The essential guide to developing RFID sensor software‘ free eBook.

Developing RFID sensor software eBook

Developing RFID sensor software eBook