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Farsens’s Channel Partner Program will transform the way you monitor assets and processes.

A new way of providing monitoring information. RFID technology with standard EPC C1G2 commands that paired with sensors. Completely passive or BAP options. With Farsens’s help, there’s no limit to the kind of services you can provide to your clients.

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Am I a good fit?

Farsens’s Channel Partner Program is for system integrators and solution providers that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional battery free and battery assisted passive (BAP) monitoring services to their clients.

Systems Integrators

Tech implementers who propose monitoring solutions and/or implement management services based on data collected from these new systems. They work with all types of industries and many of their clients could benefit from battery free sensing systems.

Hardware VARs

Value Added Resellers of sensor HW or RFID products that can customize the products with special casings or prepare them for harsh environments specific to their clients. They want to add value by customizing the existing products to their customers’ specific needs.

Software VARs

Value Added Resellers of IoT or RFID SW that will develop custom software programs for their clients. They want to maximize the edge that battery free sensor devices provide their clients with by automating data capture and processing.

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