Automotive assembly line automation

Automotion temperature monitoring


Reducing lead times in assembly lines of manufacturing sites is critical in today’s industries. This is why all manufacturers try to implement automation solutions to have leaner assembly lines.

The challenge at BMW Brilliance

BMW Brilliance, a subsidiary of BMW in China, wanted to monitor the status of the lifting hangers carrying vehicles through the assembly line. These hangers are driven by electric motors that can of course fail. When that happens, loses in the factory are tremendous due to a single hanger stopping the whole assembly line.

The solution

Tianjin Feiyue Brother Monitoring & Control., Ltd, a leading Farsens partner on integrated solutions with RFID sensors, has developed a wireless and battery free RFID temperature sensor based on our Rocky100 chip.

Tag with thermistor

The solution includes UHF RFID readers along the assembly line that read all RFID tags with temperature sensor located in each of the motors that control de hangers carrying the vehicles. This way, temperature measurements of all motors is collected.

This data is processed by a custom software developed by Tianjin Feiyue Brother Monitoring & Control., Ltd. The software issues alerts whenever anomalies are detected in the temperature of a motor so the maintenance team can address the potential issues before having to stop the complete assembly line.

The solution implemented by BMW provides them with the following benefits:

  1. Reduced assembly line downturns
  2. Real time temperature monitoring of electric motors
  3. Retrofitted solution without requiring wiring or battery changes over time

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