Pick-to-Light solution without wires or batteries

Pick-to-light solution without batteries


Picking and putting processes in warehouses are critical to companies. Speed and reliability of these processes determine the effectiveness of the logistic processes in these locations.

The ability to improve process reliability – reduce the number of mistakes made when putting the items in their correct containers and later on picking the right items from the correct containers based on sales orders – is of utmost importance. Similarly, the speed of both processes will determine the inventory rotation in the warehouse.

How it works

By using LEDs, each and every container in the warehouse is tagged with a visual indicator that helps staff members identify the exact container from which they need to take product from – pick to light system.

Farsens’s exclusive product, wireless and battery-free LEDs, make it easy to install and implement the pick-to-light solution. No wires or batteries are needed, so the user will not have to wire the shelves nor increase the total cost of ownership by including expensive battery changes over time. They will simply tag the containers or items with wireless LEDs and the sytem will work based on UHF RFID technology.

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