Weight sensors for warehouse and retail inventories

Weight sensors in warehouse


Calculation of inventories in warehouses and retail stores can be a daunting task. With so many items, generating a reliable inventory count takes time and resources, limiting this task to 1 to 4 times per year, thus limiting the company’s ability to account properly.

Luckily, RFID is helping companies improve this by automating the inventory process. By using RFID tags on items, a reader can pick up all unique IDs in an area in a matter of seconds, making it fast and simple to complete an inventory in a warehouse any time.

However, that works for physical, independent units. What about products such as granulates or liquids? They are typically stored in containers where RFID could only monitor the existence of the container but not how much product is inside…

How it works

By introducing wireless and battery-free weight sensors, you can now monitor the amount of product inside a container. Because the weight sensors are RFID, you can continue to use the existing RFID reader infrastructure, but you will have a weight value associated to the unique ID of that container. This helps account for an accurate value of the goods inside the container.

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