Rocky100 major improvements – Battery Assisted Passive mode

Rocky100 major improvements: Battery Assisted Passive mode We already hinted that the Rocky100 chip can work in Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) mode when we were discussing sensitivity. We mentioned the [...]

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Rocky100 major improvements – User memory space

Rocky100 major improvements: User memory space Let’s start this topic by saying that the UHF RFID standard was not thought for anything else than identification. The EPC C1G2 was developed [...]

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Rocky100 major improvements – Sensitivity (Part II)

Rocky100 major improvements: Sensitivity (Part II) We are back with second part of the post sensitivity as one of the biggest changes of the Rocky100 chip. The better the receiving [...]

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Rocky100 major improvements – Sensitivity (Part I)

Rocky100 major improvements: Sensitivity (Part I) Sensitivity is probably the most important unique feature of an RFID chip. In standard, only identification RFID tags the sensitivity is the lowest power [...]

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RFID innovation with battery free sensors – Rocky100 vs. Andy100 chips

The new Rocky100 RFID chip for battery free sensor tags is being tested by multiple companies. What's the RFID innovation on top of the old Andy100 chip? We have been [...]

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RFID in USA – new Farsens office in Los Angeles

Farsens has just opened a new office in Yorba Linda, South California, to provide local support to customers working with RFID in USA. We have long been working with customers [...]

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RFID Journal LIVE 2017 showed again the event is the industry leader

RFID Journal Live 2017 just proved once again this show is the place to be if you're in the RFID industry. Here's my opinion as to why and a short [...]

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Personalize shopping experience with IoT technologies

Using RFID for more than just tracking? Could it help personalize shopping experience if you embedded a LED in your battery free RFID tags? How would it help? Zebra Technologies' [...]

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Battery free RFID weight monitoring – Using load cells with passive RFID tags

Weight monitoring with wireless and battery free sensors requires both the designer and the user to understand hardware and software components correctly. Using wireless and battery free load sensors for [...]

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Passive RFID – How liquids inhibit RFID system communication

Understanding how liquids inhibit RFID system communication is important. Check an actual experiment with RFID tags submerged in water. If you have had contact with RFID technology you have probably [...]