Green Battery-Less Tire Pressure Monitoring System

H2020 – SME Instrument (Phase II)

The GT project by Farsens aims to develop an advanced wireless solution to meet future requirements of the automobile market.

Farsens was chosen as a funding recipient in the Phase 2 category of the ambitious SME Instrument, a component of the EU’s Horizon2020 framework. The SME Instrument is dedicated to supporting all types of innovative small and medium enterprises along their path to growth, development and internationalisation.

The projects that have been deemed as outstanding by the EU’s rigorous selection process receive financial backing via access to various funding sources as well as strategic support in the form of specialised business coaching.

Farsens has developed a wireless and battery-less solution for tire-pressure monitoring in vehicles in response to a real market need. All new vehicle models in the United States are required to incorporate a tire-pressure monitoring system, which warns drivers of any anomalies in pressure, as it is known that correctly inflated tires improve safety when braking as well as fuel consumption.

Farsens’ Green Tire Pressure Monitoring System (GT) project aims to advance a technology that is already in the market. The main innovation of their design is the elimination of the batteries in the sensors that are located on each of a vehicle’s wheels.

The goal of the project is to develop battery-free sensors that perform as well as battery-powered sensors do and to provide the additional benefits that come from battery-free operation, namely a decrease in pollution, a reduction in costs, and a reduction in product weight, among other things.

Farsens is collaborating on the development of their GT project with PREMO, a global leader in the manufacture of inductive components, one of the three biggest Spanish exporters of electronic components, and an international reference for low frequency RFID antennas. Wireless and battery-free sensors have innumerable applications and a high added value, features that the ambitious GT project also hopes to achieve.

All commands used with these ICs are standard, no custom commands are needed.

Latest News

November 2016

Farsens exhibits Battery – Free TPMS in Electronica 2016 in Munich November 8th through 11th. Once again, the team had the opportunity to exhibit the Green TPMS solution during one of the biggest electronic trade shows in Europe.










Link to Electronica web:

June 2016

Farsens shows Battery – Free TPMS product in the 10th International Workshop on Communication Technologies for Vehicles (NETS 2016) that took place in San Sebastian during

6-7th  June 2016. During the show, Ibon Zalbide, Farsens CTO, presented the following contribution EPC C1G2 COMPLIANT BATTERYLESS TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING TAG WITH PRESSURE AND TIRE CONTACT TEMPERATURE and the company had the chance to show the product in a live demo.

Farsens TPMS at NETS 2016

Farsens TPMS presentation at NETS 2016


Link to Workshop web:

April 2016

A new Demo of the TPMS sensor system has been uploaded in our Youtube channel, you can check it out in the following link:

June 2015

Sensors Expo 2015 was held June 9-11 in Long Beach, Calif. Being the largest showcase of sensing technologies in the US, Sensors Expo 2015 shapes what’s driving the future. The main technology areas were Energy Harvesting, IoT, MEMS, Wireless, and Wearables.

As previously done with the RFID Journal LIVE! and Sensor+Test trade shows, Farsens presented their wireless and battery-free sensors in Sensors Expo 2015 too.


Farsens booth at Sensors Expo 2015

Farsens booth at Sensors Expo 2015

You can read the full post in the Farsens blog

May 2015

SensorTest 2015 was held last May in Nuremberg, Germany. As Farsens’s followers already know, we are interested in this trade show as exhibitors of our wireless and battery-free sensor technology as well as visitors looking for sensing transducers.


Farsens booth at Sensor+Test 2015

Farsens booth at Sensor+Test 2015

You can read the full post in the Farsens blog

April 2015

The GT project officially starts!

Project Shots

Battery Free TPMS sensor solution Battery Free TPMS sensor solution Electronica 2014 Farsens booth