Sensor solution types

Farsens has developed a wide range of wireless sensor solutions.

Please find a list of available solutions grouped by the technology being used.

Available RFID sensors:


Farsens offers proprietary RFID ICs that are able to supply and communicate with external components.

The RFID ICs harvest energy from the RF field created by RFID readers and use that power to drive sensors, actuators or other electronics effectively creating battery-free devices.

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Battery free RFID sensors

Farsens has developed a family of battery free RFID sensors and actuators of all types: temperature, pressure, force, LED, relay, switch monitor and much more.

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Battery assisted passive sensors

Farsens offers battery assisted passive (BAP) sensors.

BAP sensors communicate with standard commercial UHF RFID readers via EPC C1G2 commands. They sport longer read ranges and can perform data logging.

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