Farsens offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless and battery-free temperature sensors ideal for system monitoring assets and processes.

Based on UHF RFID technology, these battery-free temperature sensor tags use EPC C1G2 standard commands to communicate their unique identification number and the associated temperature data to the RFID reader.

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Ambient temperature is the temperature of the environment, most commonly the air temperature.

Surface temperature does not necessarily equal ambient temperature. The temperature of the environment that the item is in impacts but is not equal to the item’s surface temperature.

Ambient Temperature


Farsens’s EVAL01-Fenix-RML is a battery assisted passive temperature sensor tag to monitor cold chain. As a UHF RFID semi-passive temperature data logger (EPC C1G2), it can be configured to sample in different time intervals, generate alerts based on predefined temperature thresholds and calculate estimated shelf life for the product it is monitoring.

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