The EVAL01-Spider-R is an evaluation board for the Rocky100 UHF RFID chip.

The EVAL01-Spider-R includes the Rocky100 chip and the antenna to allow developers to evaluate the new RFID chip, work directly with RFID sensors or connect their preferred microcontroller for further processing.

EVAL01-Spider-R is thought for testing of the Rocky100 IC but can also be used to test multiple sensor, actuator or other devices. By balancing power consumption against read range, developers can easily test/prototype different ideas and create proof of concepts that can later on be implemented into final products.


Part# Description Definition Unit BUY
40102 EVAL01-Spider-R-DKWB EVAL01-Spider-R with 2.54mm pitch header, dipole wideband antenna, PCB format. 40.00€ BUY