The EVAL02-RMeter-RM is a UHF RFID battery-free resistance sensor tag with transparent polycarbonate casing. The device features a microcontroller with integrated ADC and signal conditioning circuitry for measuring resistive sensors.

The tag is compatible with EPC C1G2 RFID commercial readers. No custom hardware or custom commands are required.

The EVAL02-RMeter-RM is ideal for monitoring magnitudes that change circuit resistances. The device provides a unique identification number plus the resistance value of the associated circuit. It works for applications using any kind of resistive sensor.

EVAL01-RMeter-RM schematic


  • 860MHz-960MHz operation
  • Read range @ 2W ERP: 5 meters
  • EPC Class-1 G2 compliant
  • ISO 18000-6 Type C compliant
  • 128-bit EPC & 96-bit TID
  • Precision range: 100 Ω to 1MΩ
  • Extended range: 10 Ω to 10MΩ
  • Accuracy in precision range: ±1%
  • Accuracy in extended range: ±15%
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C


Part# Description Definition Unit BUY
42505 EVAL02-RMeter-RM-DKWB EVAL02-R-Meter-RM with LED, dipole wideband antenna, PCB format 1 side, black color with polycarbonate case 42.00€ BUY