Design Kits for Battery Free RFID Sensors

Development Platforms for Battery Free RFID Sensor Solutions

Farsens offers development platforms to help you develop your own battery free sensor solutions.

There are multiple development platforms depending on your development needs. Select your preferred design kit.


EVAL01-Medusa-RM – Battery free development platform with microcontroller

The EVAL01-Medusa-RM is a development platform for UHF RFID battery-free devices.

The EVAL01-Medusa-RM includes and ROCKY100 chip with EPC C1G2 communication and a MSP430FR2433 microcontroller from Texas Instruments for communication with developers’ circuits.

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EVAL01-RMeter-RM – Battery free development platform for resistance based sensors

The EVAL01-RMeter-RM is a UHF RFID battery-free resistance sensor tag.

The device features a microcontroller with integrated ADC and signal conditioning circuitry for measuring resistive sensors.

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EVAL01-CMeter-RM – Battery free development platform for capacitance based sensors

The EVAL01-CMeter-RM is a UHF RFID battery-free capacitance sensor tag.

The device features a microcontroller and a double channel input capacitance sensor.

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